Joseph Lee

joseph.lee (at)

Public Policy; Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer.

Welcome to my personal website, where you can find my portfolio / publications and where I experiment with random projects.

Portfolio / Publications

Future of Skills

Led the research on how jobs are changing and the future of skills at LinkedIn's Economic Graph Research and Insights team.

Neural Text Style Transfer via Denoising and Reranking

Lead author of the NLP paper on neural text style transfer by adapting methods from grammar / language correction; published in June 2019.

Cooperation and Cognition in Social Networks

Co-author of economics networks paper studying how bounded rationality affects social networks through an experiment.

Intuitive Deep Learning

Wrote some quick tutorials to try to explain deep learning concepts in a simple and intuitive way!

Past Projects

Crio Grammar and Style Checker (currently

Worked as a full-stack Machine Learning Developer for this grammar and style checker tool as part of Andrew Ng's Stanford Machine Learning Group; eventually spun out into a startup (Sapling)

Measuring Service Quality and Human Emotion Prediction using Voice Data

Consultant for a large bank to predict Net Promoter Score (NPS) from customer service calls by analysing sentiment within the voice calls.

BJ Fogg's Behavior Design Lab

Worked with BJ Fogg on how behavior works and how one can design for a specific behavior; provide consultation for companies looking to use Behaviour Design.

Category Classification for Amazon Items Using Hidden State Node Embeddings of Large Graphs

Class project that combines Natural Language Processing with representation learning on graphs (GraphSAGE) to predict which category an Amazon item is classified under.

Diagnosing Abdominal Abnormalities in X-ray Images and Providing Explanations with Influence Functions

Class project done with the Stanford Medical School to use Computer Vision to identify and explain whether an abdominal X-ray shows any abnormalities.

Hacking for Defense: Deploying AI systems for U-2 spy planes

Class project working with US Air Force, featured on the Wall Street Journal here.

Work Experience

Assistant Director

Ministry of Health, Singapore

Lead two teams at the Ageing Planning Office: the Sector Planning team (with 3 staff) looking at the strategy for reshaping and developing the eldercare sector in Singapore to help seniors age well; and the Centre-based Care and Social Support team (with 5 staff) overseeing the Active Ageing Centres and Senior Care Centres service model and how they can be further enhanced.

February 2022 - Present

Data Scientist


Led the research on how jobs are changing and the future of skills, culminating in the publishing of the interactive data article here.

May 2021 - February 2022

Senior Manager (Data Strategy)

Smart Nation and Digital Government Office, Singapore

Developed the Public-Private Data Sharing Strategy, the National AI Strategy and the Public Sector Data Security Review Committee Report. Drove the set-up of Singapore's data initiatives such as the TRUST Healthcare Platform (combining genomics, lifestyle and clinical data for research and industry) and Apple-HPB LumiHealth project. Developed tech policies for COVID-19 such as the use of TraceTogether.

Mar 2019 - Feb 2021


Stanford University

M.S. in Management Science and Engineering

Focus on Machine Learning (researcher under Andrew Ng's Stanford Machine Learning Group) and entrepreneurship. Involved in two start-ups: iDoctor and Crio (now Sapling).

September 2017 - August 2018

University of Cambridge

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Adam Smith Prize for top student and Adam Smith Dissertation Prize for the top dissertation. President of TEDxCambridgeUniversity.

September 2014 - June 2017